Tuesday, September 21

Orange Effects

Orange Effects 

Hello and this time we'll create extremely fill of glow wallpaper. Out theme for today is - oranges so this is why the base color of our illustration will be orange too. Let's start by creating a document in Photoshop. 

Now let's find some orange references in the net

Here are some fine oranges to work with - but not that i will use other orange reference photo in the end ( it will be included in the set).

Here is the full composition.

So the first thing i'm going to do is - clear all the white areas and leave the background transparent. Many tactics will do here. As we have nicely done big dimension picture we can use : selections magic eraser tool and just an eraser: may things to choose from. I'm not using the single one - I'm combining selections with plain eraser.

So here is our result: As you can see it is nicely clean and has a transparent background - like just we needed. 

ow back to our initial document. Copy the orange there and position it like i do. 

As a background i will use paper texture. It easy to find one on the net i guess. 

Set it underneath the orange layer - here we go. 

It seems to me that background need a little bit more attention. I'd like to drop some stripes to the background. Here is vertical stripe with default color. i will use the same stripe with the same color in next steps

Here is the same color stripe with blending mode set to Exclusion. in changed our color - it looks ok i think. 

Then let's draw some horizontal lines too: oh did i say draw ? you can just copy the ones that you have.

As you can see -one line is smaller than the other and the colors vary too. This is actually our very first line with different layer blending modes. 

Here is the result

SO a think we are done shaping the document. i think it is time to begin to adjust colors and add some elements to it.

First take any texture brush you have, create a layer next to paper texture layer set it to overlay

Now let's take care of our Orange - main object. First i would like to apply some of layer effects using layer styles.

Here are the settings. 

As you can see i used glow filters only. 

Zoom in a little bit - there is also a good way to add local contrast to the are - you just create a layer underneath the object layer set it's mode to overlay or soft light and paint with White using soft edged brush - Airbrush (with opacity set to 3-9%).

Our next step will be the creation of deco elements to the object - the orange. I will pick a HR floral brush. So create a layer underneath the orange layer but upper than all the layers with the stripes. Choose Floral brush ( download ) pick white color and do just one tap. 

... a little bit more of those

....a little bit overlay to the orange and we are done there. so here is the result - note that there is another orange. See you next time.