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WPAP in Photoshop

Wpap Tutorial | How to Make Photo Be Kartun | Caricature - 

WPAP is a picture or photo edited or converted into a cartoon. So that picture or photo to be more unique and interesting. To create an image can be used wpap Photoshop or Corel. How to make wpap picture is a bit tricky. But if we know how to make it properly then we will be able to edit it properly. WPAP stands Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. Well for those of you who want to learn to make a picture please wpap wpap following tutorial using photoshop application.

Step 1
Divide the image with straight lines and curved using the Pen tool (P). The division is in accordance with the intensity of light in the picture, which matches the color of the image. After that give color to the picture that you marked earlier by using the eyedropper tool (I). Try to choose colors close to the original color. Select the fields you want to color, then press the I button on the keyboard to select the eyedropper tool and click on the color samples to be retrieved.

Step 2
Try to choose an unusual color or to your taste such as the intensity of the color (dark / light).
You can use Illustrator to use Pantone colors. The trick is select Window> Swatches and click the icon library swatches swatches palette at the bottom of the menu, select Color Books> Pantone Solid uncoated. Opens an uncoated Pantone Solid palette. There are many colors that can be found in the Pantone Solid palette is uncoated. In addition, we can easily identify the color based on the intensity of dark and bright (as arranged in parallel).

Step 3Tips to color your WPAP work, follow the rules of lighting on the original image. For example, to the bright, bright colors give the intensity of light such as yellow, light green, pink, etc.. Instead, the field in the dark areas should also be filled with dark colors such as blue character, dark red, green, brown, etc..
Here are some examples gambat wpap that I took from various sources. 

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