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3D text effect - 2009

3D text effect - 2009

In this tutorial you`ll gonna learn how to create a Colorful 3D Text effect in photoshop.

- Create a new file (File -- > New) of 1280x1024 px  and  72 dpi.
- Choose then the Rectangle Tool (U) to stretch out the rectangle on the whole working zone.
- Set then Blending Options>Gradient Overlay (on the same layer on the layers panel).
- Follow the next indications:

Select the Custom Shape Tool (U) and choose the next demonstrated element:

Put it the same way demonstrated below:

Set the same opacity level shown below:

Set the next Blending Options:

you should get the next result:

Using the Ellipse Tool (U) and the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) with a radius of 10 px,
we can represent a cloud out of several circles, representing also the effect of painting stain.

Select the for each element:

Make copies for all the layers. Mark out the copied layers (Ctrl+left click)
and put them together (Ctrl+E). Put the new layer under the original one,
applying on it the next indicated Blending Options:

You`ll get the next picture on this stage:

open up the Adobe Illustrator to represent the year of 2009 in 3D.
Select the same text�s demands as on the next picture it is represented. Choose also the color #FC0101

Then write the first cipher 2, applying the settings of  
           Effect --> 3D --> Extrude -->Bevel

Write now the 0 cipher, following the next demands:

The second 0 cipher

and finally 9.

Place the ciphers we`ve got the same way indicated below,
mark them out and move them in Photoshop.

Place them above the layers:

Using the Rectangle Tool (U), insert a kind of element, demonstrated next picture:

Set the next demonstrated parameters:

- Make a right click on this layer on the layers` panel and choose the option Rasterize Layer.
- Applying the Eraser Tool (E), try to erase the unnecessary elements, getting the picture from below:

Do the same operations, following the next demands:

We got some stylish ciphers:

Create a new layer and use on it the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
for the necessary markings and then apply the Paint Bucket Tool (G)
to give the markings the appropriate color.
- Insert several lines on the picture, having the color #FFCF8A

The unnecessary things will be erased with the Eraser Tool (E).

For the next cipher we`ll use the next demonstrated element.
In this case we`ll represent an arbitrary pattern replacing with
white figures as on the next image it is shown.
- Then put together the layers and rasterize the new layer we`ve got.  
- Fill 30% for the last made layer and erase those things we don`t need on the picture:

Next we`ll insert several circles and lines on the rest of the ciphers:
The wallpapers are done!

The wallpapers are done!

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