Thursday, June 3

Artistic Painting


 Get a nice artistic picture, I used this flower pictere it has really nice soft colors and there isn’t a real background.

 2) Duplicate your layer (ctrl+J) 

Then add an palette knife to the top layer. To do this go to Filter > Artistic > Palette Knife and use these settings.
Stroke Size: 25
Stroke Detail: 3
Softness: 0

After that put the opacity of the top layer to 60% and merge the layers (ctrl

 3) Now we’re going to add another filter. Go to Filter >Artistic > Dry Brush

Use this filter and use these settings.
Brush Size: 8
Brush Detail: 10 

Texture: 1

 4) At last we’re going to give the flower a bit more detail. 

Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen,  

Press ctrl+f 2 times to repeat the sharpen. Now you’ve a nice abstract painting.


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