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Art wallpaper with stars

Art wallpaper with stars

A really in-depth tutorial on how to create a nice abstract art style wallpaper.

Inspired from Summer Collection - Wallpaper by Benjigarner

Begin by representing the file that would have 1600×1200 px and 72 dpi.

Choose after that the Rectangle Tool (U) to draw the background of the picture to be. 

Select next parameters for the made layer by making a mouse click on this layer on the layers’ palette.
Blending Options>Gradient Overlay 

Gradient’s parameters: 

Use the last applied tool to draw this time a vertical stripe. 

The layer’s parameters: Fill 0%
Blending Options>Gradient Overlay

 * Gradient’s parameters: 

* Blending Options>Stroke 

Create another layer above the previous one and press CTRL+E for Merge Down the layers. Place the new got layer, containing the stripe as it is demonstrated below: 

Make a copy of the last made layer and use on it the next filter’s options: Filter>Distort>Shear 

Make three copies of the layer with the filter and select the Free Transform option to place the copies the same way indicated next image: 

The two first layers containing the stripes should have the same parameters, shown below:
Blending Options>Drop Shadow 

Next we have to make a click on Add a Mask option on the bottom part of the layers’ palette, but this click should be made on each layer containing the stripe. Select after that the Gradient Tool (G) to represent the half – opacity effect on the stripes’ ends. On the vertical stripe the half – opacity should be present on its top and its bottom. 

Half – opacity effect on the left and right sides: 

Apply the same method described above for the next layer too: 

Make a copy of the layer containing the vertical stripe (move off the mask out of the copy). Select then the Free Transform option to change the stripe’s shape on the copy and cut out the unnecessary elements from it, choosing the Eraser Tool (E) for this operation. This layer must be situated lower than the rest of the layers, the same way shown below: 

make a mouse click on the same layer on Add a Mask option and select the Brush Tool (B) (Opacity 20%) of black color to represent a half – opacity effect.

Create a new layer and use the Pen Tool (P) on it to draw a star of white color.

Make many copies of the layer having the white star on it and choose the Free Transform selection for changing the copies’ sizes, placing the copies as the way from below: 

Combine in a group all the layers containing the white stars (hold on Ctrl button to mark out the appropriate layers and make a click on the left mouse’s button to take down the marked layer on Create a new groupselection). Apply next demonstrated parameters on the made group: Blending mode-Overlay 

Make a copy of the last made group, Merge Down the group’s layers into a single one (CTRL+E) and apply for this layer the next filter’s option: Filter>Blur>Motion Blur 


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