Tuesday, June 14

Summer Fashion Portrait

 Summer Fashion Portrait

skill : beginner

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to give a great summery effect to your outdoor photo’s by using a few adjustment layers in Photoshop.

First you’ll need a suitable outdoors portrait, preferably in a field or meadow

The photo I’ve used in this tutorial was downloaded here from deviantArt member ‘niniel-stocks’.

 With your photo open in Photoshop, click on the adjustment layer button at the bottom of your layers panel, and choose Hue/Saturation from the list

 Set the Saturation to +25, and the Lightness to +10.

 This will have given your photo a lighter and brighter appearance.

 Next create another adjustment layer, this time Solid Color.

Use a pale yellow colour like the one above

 Set the layer’s blending mode to Multiply, it’s Opacity to 80%, and it’s Fill to 80%.

 Then create another Solid Color adjustment layer, this time using a pale purple colour.

Set the blending mode to Lighten, the Opacity to 50%, and the Fill to 50%.

And then another Solid Color layer, this time using a pale blue

Set it to Color Dodge, and set the Opacity to 50%, and fill to 50%.

 Finally we will add some more light by creating a Gradient adjustment layer.

Set the gradient from white to transparent, and adjust the angle in a way that suits your photo.

Set the blending mode to Soft Light, and the Opacity to 80%.

Your layers panel should end up looking like the image above.

And here’s the final outcome.
Below are some more examples using exactly the same settings.

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