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Create a Peeled Sticker

Create a Peeled Sticker

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In this tutorial we will be creating a peeled faded sticker in Photoshop.
We will be using some grunge paper textures from bashcorpo on Deviant Art.
Paper Texture 1 – DOWNLOAD
Paper Texture 2 – DOWNLOAD 

Getting Started
Start by creating a new document 600px by 600px.
Select the elipse tool and SHIFT+DRAG a circle into the middle of the document.

Open “Grungy_paper_v_8_by_bashcorpo.jpg” (feel free to use a different paper texture if you have one) and drag it into our document.
CTRL+CLICK on our circle shape in the layers panel to make a selection, with the paper texture layer selected click on the “add vector mask” button and our paper texture fills our cicle.

Delete the layer below so we only have the paper texture circle left.
CTRL+CLICK on our circle shape again and go to select>modify>contract and choose 30 pixels.

Add a new layer and fill the circle with a red #ff0000.
In the layers panel change the blend mode to “colour burn” and reduce the opacity to 60% to give it a more faded look.

Now select the polygonal lasso tool and make a triangle selection on a corner of your choice.

With the red circle layer selected, hit delete.

Right click on the chain icon on the paper texture shape and go to “apply layer mask”

Now with the paper texture layer still selected, press CRTL+C to copy the selection

Now press delete to remove it and CTRL+V to paste it back on a new layer.

Move this layer to the top of the layers panel, go to edit>free transform and rotate 180 degrees so it aligns with the sticker.

Now go to Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options and select drop shadow and input the following settings:

Now open Paper_texture_v5_by_bashcorpo.jpg and drag it into our document, place it at the bottom of our layers panel as a background.

Add some text if you want and we are done!

Peeled Sticker in Photoshop


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